"Moto-Dreams really DO come true. Moto-Fantasy, hosted at DiamondStone Guest Lodges, is THE motorcycle destination vacation experience. Combining 4 decades of riding with 2 decades of lodging and hospitality to thousands of guests from over 28 countries, we've created the ultimate gear head experience, your own MOTO-FANTASY.

Ride different bikes on a variety of spectacular central oregon scenic roads each day. Click on the "Moto stable" below to see bikes currently available. Click on "moto-fantasy creator" to design YOUR dream vacation. We are here to help the Moto-Addicted. Fantasies do come true. We will see to it."

- Signed, Doug, Di, Rob, Gloria, Dennis and Sid

Meet the Proprietors

The MotoFantasy Team is passionate about motorcycles, travel, outdoor recreation, enjoying people and the beauties of Central Oregon, a slice of heaven. Meet them here.

DOUG has been riding over 45 years, and innkeeping for over 18.  Moto-Fantasy is his vision, but with these partners, they have made Moto-Fantasy a reality.  You may also see him weekly in the role of musical performer, as being a singer/songwriter is another lifelong passion.  Moto-Fantasy Vacations often include live musical performances by many local musicians, always a sublime experience.  Doug’s first motorcycle ride was on a little Honda C50 step-through that his friend Curtis acquired in Montreal, Canada as kids.  He was hooked from day one.  His next ride was on a rough 1964 Honda 250 Dream, with no first gear, through the green fields of his uncle’s dairy farm, trying to stay away from an angry bull; fearful, but fun.  Moving to Europe at age 16 with family, he proceeded to buy the ubiquitous Honda 50, not the step-through, but with a real tank, a 5 speed tranny, and a full race fairing.  That seriously reduced the power to weight ratio, but looked way cool, and helped on cold rainy Belgian rides to ISB (the International School of Brussels), or downtown to hang out in the Grand Place square, one of the coolest spots in all of Europe in the ‘60s.  Taking his life in his hands, he rode that little bike at 100kph (60mph) on the Autobahn to commute from downtown Rotterdam, Netherlands, to work on the outskirts of the city.  Another trip back then was with buddy Ray, to England, to investigate purchasing a Norton Commando as they readied to return to the U.S. with their families. Now, the reborn 2011 Norton Commando is Moto-Fantasy’s flagship!  Doug has owned a Yamaha XS650, the Euro style enclosed belt drive Yamaha XV920RH, a Honda CX500 Deluxe, a 1976 Gold Wing, and a 1979 Honda CB750F.  Still, his trusted steed, the1978 BMW R100S Motorsport, now part of the Moto-Fantasy Stable, is an amazingly capable machine for nearly every use.  Check it out!

GLORIA’s organizational skills help keep Moto-Fantasy on track.   Her riding expertise is in addition to nearly 2 decades of lodging property management experience, making sure the quality of accommodations is her priority.  Gloria’s first 2-wheel foray was when she, uh, “borrowed” her older brother’s minibike to cruise the neighborhood at age 10.  She’s been an avid motorcyclist her entire adult life having owned a number of machines, including a Yamaha RD400, Seca 650, Seca 750, a Honda CX500 Turbo, Nighthawk 700, and a Triumph 900 Thunderbird.  Whew!  Her custom-painted Honda VT500 Ascot, now in the Stable, is a fun little scoot for anyone, and a very friendly ride for people whose beginner skills or small size makes them more comfortable on a smaller machine.  Gloria’s MS (Multiple Sclerosis) has gotten the better of her in the last few years, but she is still on 2 wheels, using the off-road Segway XT as a mobility device.  You can ride the Segway too during your Moto-Fantasy week at DiamondStone.  There’s nothing like it, what a hoot!  There are 10 rural acres of space to ride the Segway on site.

ROB is the meticulous person needed to oversee daily motorcycle maintenance.  His keen eye, memory, and mechanical skills, along with our specific and recorded 8 point check done before every bike is ridden by a new rider, are essential to Moto-Fantasy’s successful and safe operation.  He’s perennially friendly, and his avid interest in motorcycling is evident within moments of meeting him.  His 1985 Top-Gun Kawasaki ZX900 Ninja is part of the MotoFantasy Fleet. You will ride with confidence knowing he has prepped your machine.

DENNIS is a true Moto-Head, a total bike nut and auto road racer.  He now has a Ducati Streetfighter S, and BMW K1200R Sport, as well as a Datsun 240Z Hill Climb road racer, and custom tube-framed Nissan 350z track car.  Need we say more?  He is very well traveled, having scouted the world for marine mammals with a career in Aquarium Management.  When onsite, he is a part-time Moto-Fantasy Ride Guru.  His extensive knowledge of mechanics and moto-history makes for very interesting conversation.  Doug & Dennis were college roommates and have been compatible riding buddies for many years.

SID has been a well traveled Moto-Head for over 45 years too. The beautiful 1981 Harley Glide, which he bought new, is now a member of the Moto-Fantasy Stable.  If you choose to ride this machine, you will also likely hear his many stories of the road.  His culinary credentials are indisputable.  Good food = good fun.  A retired professional chef, he’s in charge of organizing meals, and his touch is in the cooking as well.



“This beautiful cabin truly lives up to its name, MALUHIA (peace). What a big, big blessing this sanctuary has been! Thank you.”

“What a comfortable retreat in your special lodge. We had fun hanging out with our kids. The boys tried real hard to catch fish but came up with lots of crawdads – which we BBQ’d and feasted on! We saw quail with their babies, a deer and many beautiful birds. Slept like babies. Hope to be back soon.”
-Jim & Theda, Waterford, MI

“Thank you so much for our wonderful time away. The cabin is beautiful and was exactly what we needed. We look forward to many more memories here at the Lodge.”
-Mike & Wanda, Molalla, OR

“Fantastic place! Enjoyed every minute of peace and quiet. The area is so beautiful and fun to explore. Thanks for the great breakfasts and accommodations. This was truly a wonderful experience.”
-Dan & Julie

“Love your getaway cabin! It was so nice to leave the ‘concrete jungle’ for a few days to relax and have some fun. Everything was perfect and we look forward to coming back multiple times every year.”
-Joshua, Kristin, McKenzie & Glacier (our dog), Portland, OR

“Relaxing – wonderful experience! Enjoyed “being” a Human Being instead of a Human Doing. Wow the breakfast was ‘beautiful’ and delicious!”
-Joan & Penn, Eugene, OR

“Great mix of home comfort and vacation getaway. We had a great time!”
-Mark and Julian, Portland, OR

“Thank you for sharing your ‘little slice of heaven.’ It was a delightful time away.”
-Steve & Rebecca, Gresham, OR

“A unique and totally delightful atmosphere! We’ll be back for sure.”
-Dave & Annette, New York

“Your facility is so warm and inviting, combined with your friendliness and thoughtfulness freely given, truly made it an exceptional experience. Thanks again.”
-Dr. Waddell

“Very grounding. Comfortable.”

“Thanks for your recommendations, area services and restaurants. You have a four-star place.”
-Mr. and Mrs. Leahy

“Fun, Fun! Loved the place and the conversation.”
-The Williams

“…after relaxing in the hot tub, and the brisk high desert evening, I slept more soundly than I have in months! The accommodations were absolutely wonderful and we appreciate the ‘extra effort.'”
-B. Hyman

“We enjoyed ourselves a lot and felt right at home.”
-M. Dodd

“A most wonderful and restful stay.”

“Wonderful service and great food. Wow!”

“The view was spectacular and I even saw a shooting star last night!”
-Tom & family, Tao Yuan, Taiwan

“Oasis of comfort – we so enjoyed the house and hospitality. Looking forward to coming back again and again.”
-Stan, Harriett & David

“Great place to relax and kick back. Wish we could have stayed longer – next time we will! We’ll for sure be back!”
-Dan & Lonnee, Denver, CO

“Boy did we need to come here! Kids, jobs, life, etc. – Whew! It was so nice just to get away for a couple of days. Now we’re so refreshed and renewed. What a special stay in a comfy place surrounded by nature. Thanks Doug and Gloria. You were a delight to meet and really spoiled us! We’ll be back for sure.”
-Elin & Ken, Bend, OR

“The 10th year – can you believe it? Feels like home away from home since we’ve been coming here for 10 years. We love it here so much.”
-Dave & Vicki, Eureka, CA

“Quiet, comfy and beautiful – just what I needed!”
-Greta, Kirleland, WA

“A pleasant stop on the way home before re-entry into civilization. Enjoyed full access to the kitchen so we could ‘eat in’ – recommend the hickory BBQ.”
-Dave, Eleanor & Brian, Oregon

“Thank you for your help in touring the area for so much fun and incredible views and for the great food!”
-Mary & Bob, Fort Worth, TX

“Comfy beds, fun place, awesome people. We’ll be back!”
-Sister Rae & Sister Jane, Portland, OR

“Another excellent weekend at DiamondStone and time very well spent. Super breakfast! See you again in a few months for another fun and relaxing getaway.”
-Lucy & Heather, Bend, OR

“Wonderful 12 day stay and still don’t want to leave! Couldn’t ask for any better.”
-Bruce and Jane, El Cajon, CA

“We have such a great time when we come here. You do such a great job of accommodating people so we can really relax and unwind. Thanks for everything.”
-Dave and Sydney