"Moto-Dreams really DO come true. Moto-Fantasy, hosted at DiamondStone Guest Lodges, is THE motorcycle destination vacation experience. Combining 4 decades of riding with 2 decades of lodging and hospitality to thousands of guests from over 28 countries, we've created the ultimate gear head experience, your own MOTO-FANTASY.

Ride different bikes on a variety of spectacular central oregon scenic roads each day. Click on the "Moto stable" below to see bikes currently available. Click on "moto-fantasy creator" to design YOUR dream vacation. We are here to help the Moto-Addicted. Fantasies do come true. We will see to it."

- Signed, Doug, Di, Rob, Gloria, Dennis and Sid


Moto-Fantasy, hosted at DiamondStone Guest Lodges, is THE destination motorcycle vacation. experience. Combining nearly over 4 decades of riding experience and 2 decades of lodging hospitality experience, we’ve created the ultimate gear head experience, your own Moto-Fantasy. Ride a different bike every day, ones you might not ever buy, but ones you would love to ride. Take a look at what we have. We are to here to help the Moto-Addicted.

“Offering true gear head motorcycle vacation customers a menagerie of motorcycles to experience that have been on the periphery of their experience all their lives, taunting them in magazines, or heard in a far-off burble that approaches behind them on a curved mountain road, and vanishes past you in a melodic roar before you get a real chance to devour its looks, let alone enjoy the thrill of riding it personally.

Our customers will have that once in a lifetime chance to ride old and new legendary motorcycles, like Nortons, Triumphs, and Hondas, Harleys, Ducatis, and other classic iconic machines from the last few decades of motorcycling. On the perfect mountain, desert, and back roads of exquisite Central Oregon, they will have the perfect destination vacation. At the end of the day, they’ll kick back with others of like mind, enjoying legendary local brews, beverages and cuisine, with live entertainment, and finally, retiring to their own comfortable, custom designed suites that make the whole week simply the perfect Fantasy Vacation for that motorcycle maniac in your family.

They will never have the opportunity to do anything like this ever again. And, if double occupancy is desired, we can add that 2nd person for modest extras, that can include their own experience, or simply provide them with the space and place e they need to have their respite away for the harried lives we all lead.

The concept is, quite simply, Heaven on 2 wheels, a fantasy vacation for the true motorcycle freak. However, time at Moto-Fantasy can include all the other stuff you and your significant other might enjoy in life too. Golf one minute away, hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking; rock climbing, you name it, it is here.
Surrounded by all these amazing recreational pursuits available in so much beautiful country, and with choices for music events on site and off as well, restaurants, brew-pubs, and Central Oregon’s propensity to have some great shopping or event going practically daily, you won’t know what to do, but we will help design the perfect time here that will make a stay with us one of the premier vacation experiences you may ever have.