"Moto-Dreams really DO come true. Moto-Fantasy, hosted at DiamondStone Guest Lodges, is THE motorcycle destination vacation experience. Combining 4 decades of riding with 2 decades of lodging and hospitality to thousands of guests from over 28 countries, we've created the ultimate gear head experience, your own MOTO-FANTASY.

Ride different bikes on a variety of spectacular central oregon scenic roads each day. Click on the "Moto stable" below to see bikes currently available. Click on "moto-fantasy creator" to design YOUR dream vacation. We are here to help the Moto-Addicted. Fantasies do come true. We will see to it."

- Signed, Doug, Di, Rob, Gloria, Dennis and Sid

Charter Opportunities

There are Charter Memberships for sale in Club MotoHead Destination Resort.
Among other things, Funds will be used to purchase more exotic machines for your riding pleasure, as well as for new garage construction.

Our goal is to have over 50 machines for our members’ riding pleasure.
Only 100 memberships will be sold.  Each membership is $10,000.
Members receive 1 week of lodging/year for 2 people and 5 Motorcycle credits for riding a total of 750 miles over the course of the week.
Financing is available upon request with very reasonable terms.

Call Chief MotoHead Doug for more information at 541-536-6263 or request more information to us through our contact page.