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"Moto-Dreams really DO come true. Moto-Fantasy, hosted at DiamondStone Guest Lodges, is THE motorcycle destination vacation experience. Combining 4 decades of riding with 2 decades of lodging and hospitality to thousands of guests from over 28 countries, we've created the ultimate gear head experience, your own MOTO-FANTASY.

Ride different bikes on a variety of spectacular central oregon scenic roads each day. Click on the "Moto stable" below to see bikes currently available. Click on "moto-fantasy creator" to design YOUR dream vacation. We are here to help the Moto-Addicted. Fantasies do come true. We will see to it."

- Signed, Doug, Di, Rob, Gloria, Dennis and Sid

2007 Buell Ulysses

This was Buell’s answer to the “Adventure Bike”, and to those who wanted a more practical Buell, and it definitely is.  Except for the tall 33inch seat height, this bike is an easy to manage road companion, and very comfortable for 2-up riding, with a small (if uncomfortable) back rest, and cavernous panniers that can easily carry a weekend’s worth of gear for two. ...
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1985 Kawasaki Ninja ZX900

1985 Kawasaki Ninja ZX900. What a sweet ride. This is Kawasaki’s first liquid cooled 4 cylinder sport bike, and it did the job very well. In a 1985 “Cycle” comparison that include it’s own brethren, a GPZ1100, and a GPZ750 Turbo, this machine was the preferred performer. The ZX900 handles very well, and the motor has a decent mid and top end rush that makes this a fun...
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This motorcycle has become one of the standard bearers for serious dual-sport riders, a bike equally at home on the street or the dirt, and capable of carrying what you need to get by. It is a one-up ride, and tires and equipment can be provided to set up the bike the way you need it. Whether you need it for one day or a week, Powered by Central Oreogn Dual Sport, our unique relationship allows...
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2004 Harley Dyna Defender Police

Harley, the iconic Police Motorcycle. This 2004 Dyna Defender lived the first half of it’s life as a Police bike. As big twins go this is set up to handle, with Screaming Eagle rear shocks, fork brace, as well as steering and chassis stabilizers. It can be set up as a solo machine or with a dual saddle to take your sweetie. Wth more clearance, travel and compliance in the suspension than...
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2004 BMW R1100S

This very clean 2004 BMW R1100S has a host of aftermarket mods: Ohlins suspension, Remus exhaust, Power Commander, throttlemeister, and a bunch of Carbon Fiber bits. It is a stable companion on any road, and a perfect complement to any machine in our stable. Developing 110hp as set up, this 445lb wet beauty is well balanced, and confidence inspiring. It is at home on the twisties or blazing...
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2002 Ducati ST4s

The Ducati ST4s (2002) may be the most misunderstood motorcycle in Sport-Touring History. Sport Riders ask what those bag thingies are on the side, and touring guys just say, “Why bother? Get a BMW”. But if you listen to Ducati tell it, it makes more sense. You see, they wanted to offer an honest-to-god weekend race bike that was compromised the least when you slapped the bags on...
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2013 Norton Commando 961 SE

The Norton Commando name is iconic in Motorcycling history.  Any motorcycle enthusiast that is worth their salt knows this Marque and model of motorcycle.  2013 is a momentous year. MotoFantasy expects delivery late this season, hopefully soon enough to use at least late in our 2013 riding season. MotoFantasy will have one of the first 50 new Norton Commandos coming into the US.  We’ve...
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2006 BMW K1200S

This machine helped to re-position BMWs as the horsepower king of its day, even if for just a short period. More than that, it re-assured legions of Moto-Heads that BMW was serious about sporting & sport-touring aspirations. This autobahn road burner is an experience to behold, with confidence inspiring chassis, 3 position electronic suspension control & anti-lock brakes to help keep...
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2009 Harley XR1200

The sportiest bike ever to wear the Harley name on its tank. This is a torque monster. At 90HP and 73Ft/Lbs of Torque, it has a respectable amount of power. At 550lbs, it is relatively light, but the first thing you notice is how slender the machine is. This feels very unusual for those used to the wider engines and tanks of Japanese and European manufacturers. It has a very solid, planted...
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1978 BMW R100S Motorsport

One of only 90 Motorsport “S” bikes imported into the US, this beautiful classic is still the gentleman’s express it was touted to be in 1978.  With Koni progressives front and rear, it is a great daylong ride, and does admirably well in the canyons as well.  Long-legged, it doesn’t warrant choosing 5th until you are doing 70 or more where, when chosen, the entire bike just seems to...
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2006 Ducati Multistrada 800

This is a unique machine. An 800 Multistrada was not factory produced in 2006. This original 620 machine has had the heart transplant of an 800 Monster motor, making it 83 Horses, 21 more than the 620, and 30lbs lighter than the 1000 air-cooled MultiS of the same year. Resulting in one spirited ride, this diverse bike can hang with any machine, anytime, short of true dirt riders. Check out this...
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1982 Honda CBX

CBX….three letters that say much to real MotoHeads.  Like Elvis, this 1982 model’s GT styling made folks pay attention when it was “in the building”, so to speak.  Also like Elvis in his day, and ever since, its Iconic six exhaust header pipe line-up across the front has evoked awe, and respect, along with it’s unique sound.  Even if you have never heard its unearthly...
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