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Ride different bikes on a variety of spectacular central oregon scenic roads each day. Click on the "Moto stable" below to see bikes currently available. Click on "moto-fantasy creator" to design YOUR dream vacation. We are here to help the Moto-Addicted. Fantasies do come true. We will see to it."

- Signed, Doug, Di, Rob, Gloria, Dennis and Sid

2002 Ducati ST4s

The Ducati ST4s (2002) may be the most misunderstood motorcycle in Sport-Touring History. Sport Riders ask what those bag thingies are on the side, and touring guys just say, “Why bother? Get a BMW”. But if you listen to Ducati tell it, it makes more sense. You see, they wanted to offer an honest-to-god weekend race bike that was compromised the least when you slapped the bags on to go touring. They succeeded. Granted, this ain’t no Gold Wing, but it is a prefect touring companion when the roads get serious and twisty. Central Oregon roads are like that, and this is a fun machine to ride them on.